Summer Senior Portraits – Westfield High Senior

I’m highlighting the beautiful senior Taylor from Westfield High School today! I asked her a few questions about her future, this crazy pandemic we are living in and some thoughts about her senior year. Sharing lots of wisdom and heart – I wish you all the best Taylor!

Where will you be attending college in the fall and how did you decide on your major?
I will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh this fall. I chose this school because it was small enough, yet big enough for my liking. It is very safe, beautiful, and truly feels like home when I am there. I will be going to earn my degree in Elementary Education. I want to be an elementary school teacher because I love kids. I believe that every child is unique and special, and I want to be able to reach the hearts of those kids, be there for them, and teach them in a fun way.

What has been the hardest thing going through the pandemic?
The hardest part of covid-19 for me would be having the final months of my high school career taken from me. I was not able to have my final locker clean out, my final softball game, senior night, and a normal graduation like I have always imagined. The pandemic has taught me many things, but the biggest one would be to never take anything for granted and love with your whole heart. It is so hard to constantly see and hear negative things about what is going on and the future, but I try to stay as positive as I can as days go by. Even though it is a hard time for everyone, I am so excited to finally graduate and begin my college career.

What did you love about your senior photos?
My senior portrait experience was a day I won’t forget. I was so excited to finally be a senior, have my moment in front of the camera, and show off my personality. I loved that Tara made me feel so beautiful and comfortable throughout the entire session. I don’t think I ever stopped laughing and smiling. It was definitely a moment where I felt so special and excited to be a senior.

Any other thoughts?
My fellow 2020 classmates and I are a class to remember. I am so thankful for my class and my closest friends, and I am thankful for Westfield High. I am also so thankful for my family. They have gone above and beyond making my graduation special and they have been my biggest supporters throughout my high school career. My days as a Pioneer may be over, but the lessons and friendships I have developed will never be forgotten.