Summer Senior Pictures in Wisconsin Dells

Looking ahead to the summer, and as senior inquires start to come in, it makes me think so much about the class of 2020. So many things that they will not be able to partake in because of the pandemic. My heart goes out to them and I hope with all of my heart that they will be able to celebrate with a graduation, somehow, someway – before they embark on the many different journeys next fall.

The beautiful Addison is going to be attending school at UW Eau Claire in the fall and majoring in Nursing. She chose that path because science has always been the subject she was most interested in and she wanted to pursue a career that would allow her to help give back to others.
I asked her a few questions about this time and her answers were so eye opening, seeing the perspective of a senior.
What has been the hardest thing about the pandemic?
‘I’d say the hardest thing for my through this COVID-19 pandemic has been not getting to spend those last couple of months at school and make those finial memories with my classmates. My high school experience has been great for me and I’ve made friends that will last a lifetime, so having my time at WDHS cut short is heartbreaking.’
Have their been any silver linings for you going through this?
“One of the silver linings I’ve had going through this experience is I have learned not to take anything or any moment for granted. Watching my classmates basketball season cut short when they were just one game shy of state, not getting to have a “senior skip day”, or scholarship awards ceremony, and all the other things that have taken away from my class, has really shown me that no moment in life is ever guaranteed. I will now appreciate those moments in life more than I ever did before.”
Any words you’d like to tell all of your classmate?
“To the WDHS class of 2020: Although our time together was unexpectedly cut short and so many experiences and memories were taken away from us, we have so much to be proud of. We are the last senior class in our current high school building, and I would say that we made the most of the time we had there. Remember all the good experiences we shared, Prom, Homecoming, Football games, basketball games etc. and cherish this memories forever. I know I will.”
How would you describe your senior portrait experience?
“My senior photo experience was very laid back and stress free. I was super nervous and uptight at first but within seconds Tara took that away. I loved that she made it so enjoyable for me and I was able to express my personality through the photos and that is something I will forever remember when I looking back at my senior portraits.”