Brianna – Senior Portraits

Meet Miss Brianna….wow – I have so many great things to say about this girl. She is bound to be the CEO of the world’s next ethical, kind-hearted, and fashionable companies. She is bold in front of the camera and in life as she has a love for business and plans to study Marketing and Advertising with a minor in Communications at a UW campus next fall. She was so fun to take pictures of with her well put together outfits, sense of self, and so many different expressions she gave me to spice it up and make my job easy.

She told me that the constant pressure that is put on her in school was stripped during the shoot which just shows her understanding of the world around her. “I felt quite comfortable, and I felt beautiful. I felt like I mattered. But most of all happy!”

Her favorite thing in this life is the people in it. But why this girl really has a special spot in my heart is because of our shared obsession with our fur babies—she loves dogs! You could find her drawing, reading, listening to music, writing, shopping, or just being her goofy self. GO chase your dreams, Brianna, you are amazing!