At Home Lifestyle Session with the Kiefer Family

Being able to document this beautiful family in their home was such an honor, and that sweet baby Maxwell melted my heart with all of his smiles.
I met a Amy at one of the Rising Tide Society Madison Chapter group meetings, where fellow creatives meet once a month to collaborate and communicate and believe in community over competition. It’s an amazing group of people and I’m so thankful for all of the thought out discussions and insight this group gives me as an entrepreneur and a fellow creative. Amy is an amazing mama – has has an incredible and motivational blog: Balanced Ames. It has tons of tips on how to live a balanced, healthy, happy life while keeping it real and candid and I am honored that she opened up her heart and her home and gave me the chance to photograph this sweet time in their lives. Here are some of my favorites from their at home lifestyle session.

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Such a little ham! Wisconsin-lifestyle-photographer_0009 Wisconsin-lifestyle-photographer_0010 Wisconsin-lifestyle-photographer_0011 Wisconsin-lifestyle-photographer_0012 Wisconsin-lifestyle-photographer_0013 Wisconsin-lifestyle-photographer_0014 Wisconsin-lifestyle-photographer_0015 Wisconsin-lifestyle-photographer_0016 Wisconsin-lifestyle-photographer_0017 Wisconsin-lifestyle-photographer_0018 Wisconsin-lifestyle-photographer_0019

The light out in front of their home was amazing! Wisconsin-lifestyle-photographer_0020 Wisconsin-lifestyle-photographer_0021 Wisconsin-lifestyle-photographer_0022 Wisconsin-lifestyle-photographer_0023 Wisconsin-lifestyle-photographer_0024 Wisconsin-lifestyle-photographer_0025 Wisconsin-lifestyle-photographer_0026 Wisconsin-lifestyle-photographer_0027