Whimsy Elopement in Wisconsin Dells – Wedding Photography

My first elopement I’ve ever photographed, the stars most definitely aligned when I had received the phone call from Whitney asking if I was available the next day! Luckily I was, and an hour later we had our game plan to document their love with a sweet little ceremony in a white gazebo along the riverwalk in Wisconsin Dells, and then off to take some gorgeous portraits afterwards on a beautiful, warm, sunny day.

Whitney and R.B. are from Ohio, and were in Wisconsin for a Lumineers concert in Milwaukee . The couple decided to elope to alleviate the pressure of their families on where to get married and how, and they knew we wanted to get married in the summer. They decided not to tell anyone so that we could enjoy the care free feeling of “running away and eloping”. And I am so glad they did:)

Whitney’s off the shoulder Grace Loves Lace dress was so perfect and fluid, and I love the pop of color that the amazing bouquet by Thompson’s full bloom gave, and that Maria was able to make it that day! Hair was done at La Petite, officiating by Jerry Joles and  Whitney’s beautiful and unique ring designed by Elizabeth Durnell. Enjoy some of my favorites from Whitney and R.B.’s sweet elopement in Wisconsin Dells.

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