Moroccan-inspired Bridal Styled Shoot

My first styled shoot with an amazing group of talented local vendors was just the thing to close out the busy fall season and left me feeling so inspired, thankful and anxious to start shooting a little more for myself and how important it is to do personal projects and let my inner creative soar.
Teaming up with the amazing Fiorella of Neira Event Group and Mikayla with Chula Vista Resort – we pondered on what the perfect Autumn shoot would entail. It was such a great day and having that butterfly feeling in my tummy when I got back to my studio and couldn’t wait to download and start editing the images was such a great feeling. We set up in the Chula Vista Fairway Grove with beautiful huge Oak trees surrounding us. The overcast skies highlighted the rich autumn tones and Moroccan lanterns, shapes and patterns mixed well with the fallen leaves. The look was simple, warm, elegant and a bit seductive.
Our gorgeous models are great friends of mine and couldn’t not have been more perfect. Jamie wore an off the shoulder Maggie Soterro gown from Brides n’ Bells that features a low back and intricate details common in the Moroccan tradition. A big thank you to Alissa Whittaker of Beta Blue Make-up and Kimberly Nelson who styled her hair. One of my favorite pieces of the whole day may have been the beautiful headpiece by Symphony Bridal from Brides n’ Bells. It pulled everything together and Jamie wore it like a beautiful, exotic Moroccan princess!!
Existing symmetrical wedding arches were dressed with eucalyptus, lanterns, rugs and pillows. The tablescape featured a hanging wood plank, with lanterns, greenery and grapes.  Sugar Pear Designs designed the invitations and place cards. Grapes were added to the centerpieces as conversation starter and who doesn’t like when things are edible? The delicious cake (we can vouch for taste, we ate it) done by Taylor Cakes tied the loose ends with more Moroccan shapes done in fondant and a shimmery gold.

This lovely couple has been married for three years and with two little boys in the mix, they were excited for an afternoon to cuddle up in the fall leaves with one another and have some time for themselves. So so so thankful to everyone who participated and I hope you love the pics:)

Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0009Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0002 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0003 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0004 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0005 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0006 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0007

These arches and the fall colors – LOVE!

Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0066 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0067

Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0008Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0001 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0010 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0011 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0012 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0013

Just doing a little dance!! These two were all about it! Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0014 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0015 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0016 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0017 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0018 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0019 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0020 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0021 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0022 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0023 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0024 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0025 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0026 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0027 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0028 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0029 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0030 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0031 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0032 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0033

You are beyond stunning Jamie! Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0034 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0035 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0036 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0037 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0038 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0039 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0040 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0041 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0042 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0043 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0044 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0045 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0046 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0047 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0048 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0049 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0050 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0051 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0052

Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0059 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0053 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0054 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0055 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0056-c Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0056 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0057 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0060 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0061 Tara-Draper-styled-photo_0062