A laid back summer barn wedding at Bridle Barn in Mt. Horeb WI

Dream day, dream couple, dream venue! College sweet hearts Jamie and Brad happily tied the knot at the beautiful Bridle Barn in Mt. Horeb on a warm summer day in the late afternoon. This venue had me swooning from the moment I arrived. Beautiful grounds with the most perfect house for the girls to get ready in, a fountain, a gorgeous ceremony site on a hilltop surrounded by rolling hillside, a sweet barn, an outdoor tent with amazing florals and even a tree with cascading lights on it. I was in heaven. And with a couple as sweet, playful and vibrant as these two – I was smiling from ear to ear all day. And with so many amazing friends and family that were there for these two, I felt so welcomed and at home.
Jamie looked stunning and timeless in her beaded sheath gown as she came down the isle with her dad to one of my favorite Bon Iver songs, warm winds were blowing and happy groom tears were streaming…moments like those that are just so perfect and surreal and movie-like, I thank my lucky stars that I get to document this for a couple as sweet as these two. I wish you both all the best in the future and here are some of my favorite images from the day. And a special shout-out to Katie Hunt who second shot with me that day!

bridle-barn-wedding_0001 bridle-barn-wedding_0002 bridle-barn-wedding_0003 bridle-barn-wedding_0004 bridle-barn-wedding_0005 bridle-barn-wedding_0006 bridle-barn-wedding_0007 bridle-barn-wedding_0008 bridle-barn-wedding_0009 bridle-barn-wedding_0010 bridle-barn-wedding_0011

Beyond stunning Jamie! bridle-barn-wedding_0012 bridle-barn-wedding_0013 bridle-barn-wedding_0014 bridle-barn-wedding_0015 bridle-barn-wedding_0016 bridle-barn-wedding_0017 bridle-barn-wedding_0018 bridle-barn-wedding_0019

These mother, daughter, sister pics are my favorite!
bridle-barn-wedding_0020 bridle-barn-wedding_0021 bridle-barn-wedding_0022 bridle-barn-wedding_0023 bridle-barn-wedding_0024 bridle-barn-wedding_0025

Seeing Dad for the first time – always gets me! bridle-barn-wedding_0026 bridle-barn-wedding_0027 bridle-barn-wedding_0028

So handsome – those eyes!!! You two are going to make some beautiful babies someday! bridle-barn-wedding_0029 bridle-barn-wedding_0030 bridle-barn-wedding_0031 bridle-barn-wedding_0033 bridle-barn-wedding_0034 bridle-barn-wedding_0035 bridle-barn-wedding_0036 bridle-barn-wedding_0037 bridle-barn-wedding_0038

The trail that led to the ceremony site! Time to get hitched!bridle-barn-wedding_0039 bridle-barn-wedding_0040 bridle-barn-wedding_0041 bridle-barn-wedding_0042 bridle-barn-wedding_0043 bridle-barn-wedding_0044 bridle-barn-wedding_0045 bridle-barn-wedding_0046 bridle-barn-wedding_0047 bridle-barn-wedding_0048 bridle-barn-wedding_0049

How perfect is this ceremony backdrop? bridle-barn-wedding_0050 bridle-barn-wedding_0051 bridle-barn-wedding_0052 bridle-barn-wedding_0053 bridle-barn-wedding_0054 bridle-barn-wedding_0055 bridle-barn-wedding_0056 bridle-barn-wedding_0057

Such a fun wedding party!! bridle-barn-wedding_0058 bridle-barn-wedding_0059 bridle-barn-wedding_0060 bridle-barn-wedding_0061 bridle-barn-wedding_0062 bridle-barn-wedding_0063 bridle-barn-wedding_0064 bridle-barn-wedding_0065 bridle-barn-wedding_0066bridle-barn-wedding_0109 bridle-barn-wedding_0067 bridle-barn-wedding_0068 bridle-barn-wedding_0069 bridle-barn-wedding_0070 bridle-barn-wedding_0071 bridle-barn-wedding_0072 bridle-barn-wedding_0073 bridle-barn-wedding_0074 bridle-barn-wedding_0075 bridle-barn-wedding_0076 bridle-barn-wedding_0077bridle-barn-wedding_0108


So happy we got to do some sunset photos – we had the most dreamy light!
bridle-barn-wedding_0079 bridle-barn-wedding_0080 bridle-barn-wedding_0081 bridle-barn-wedding_0082 bridle-barn-wedding_0083 bridle-barn-wedding_0084 bridle-barn-wedding_0086 bridle-barn-wedding_0087bridle-barn-wedding_0085 bridle-barn-wedding_0088 bridle-barn-wedding_0089 bridle-barn-wedding_0090

It was probably 90 degrees in the barn when they did their first dance – and laughter like this, you know these two are meant to be! bridle-barn-wedding_0091 bridle-barn-wedding_0092 bridle-barn-wedding_0093 bridle-barn-wedding_0094 bridle-barn-wedding_0095 bridle-barn-wedding_0097bridle-barn-wedding_0096 bridle-barn-wedding_0098 bridle-barn-wedding_0099 bridle-barn-wedding_0100 bridle-barn-wedding_0101 bridle-barn-wedding_0102 bridle-barn-wedding_0103

This tree at twilight was incredible! bridle-barn-wedding_0104 bridle-barn-wedding_0105 bridle-barn-wedding_0106 bridle-barn-wedding_0107

Thanks for having me along for the ride!! Other amazing vendors include:

Venue: Bridle Barn in Mt. Horeb
Bridal gown: Maggie Sottero at Vera’s 
Bridesmaids dresses: Vera’s 
Men’s Suits: Vera Wang at Men’s Warehouse
D.J.: Jukebox Bandstand
Flowers: Mary Kay Brekke
Video Booth: Bust a Move Video Booth