Wisconsin Dells High School Senior Photography

This beautiful bombshell is a girl I am lucky enough to call family and her spark accentuates every bit of who she is. The entire span leading up to her photo session was poor, rainy weather, but Anna would tell you her Dad up in heaven made a way for the sun to shine during her time behind the lens. Anna has an intent gaze that draws people in along with an effortless sense of being exactly who she is meant to be. She’s a rare find of a woman, a true friend, and is destined for big things at Viterbo in the fall. What a blessing it was to play a part in documenting all that she is and all that she has yet to become, my love for her only grows.

anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0001 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0002anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0006 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0003 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0004 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0005 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0008 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0009 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0010 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0011 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0012 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0013 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0014 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0015 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0016 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0017

These three amazing women are a force to be reckon with in looks, grace, and provided all the light I needed with their genuine nature of loving one another.
anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0018 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0019 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0020 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0021 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0022 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0023 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0024 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0025 anna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0026