Jenna – Wisconsin Dells High School Senior Photography

Miss Jenna was so much fun to have in front of my camera, and she is such a beautiful girl inside and out with a positive energy that is truly contagious. She had an awesome mix of outfits with great texture and color and it was one of those perfect late summer days where the sun was shining and everything had a golden tint to it. I’m sure amazing things are in this girl’s future, she has a light in her and is just one of those people you want to be around! Wishing you all the best Jenna!!
jenna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0001 jenna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0002 jenna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0003 jenna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0004 jenna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0005 jenna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0006 jenna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0007jenna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0018 jenna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0008 jenna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0009 jenna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0010 jenna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0011jenna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0015 jenna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0012 jenna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0013 jenna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0014 jenna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0016 jenna-wisconsin-dells-senior_0017