Katie & Steve – Sweet Vintage Backyard Wisconsin Wedding

Ahhh! This wedding was one of my all-time favorites! It’s always a huge honor photographing a fellow photographer’s special day – and Katie and Steve’s wedding was absolutely magical in so many ways. I first met Katie several years ago at a Wisconsin Photographers Convention in Wisconsin Dells and we hit it off right away. She is one of the sweetest and kindest hearts and I am so so happy that she met Steve! These two just complete each other and you can tell how much he adores her.
The wedding was held at Katie’s parents home in Randolph, WI and was such a labor of love getting the property ready. The ceremony was held right in the back yard over looking a beautiful green alfalfa field, and the old work shed was completely repurposed and cleaned out and was such a beautiful and meaningful place for a reception.
So many favorite things stick out to me about this day – the hand-written letters the couple exchanged before the ceremony, to the amazing pastor that lead a prayer before the ceremony happened, personal vows exchanged at the ceremony, hilarious toasts, and the stunning skies that we were blessed with, this wedding will always have a very special place in my heart. I am so lucky to have Katie second shooting with me at many of my weddings this year, and I am sure just being a bride she will have a different outlook on the day. Sorry, not sorry for such a long post – WAY too many favorites to choose from! Enjoy a look at Katie and Steve’s autumn diy backyard wedding:)

wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0001 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0002 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0004wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0003 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0005 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0006 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0007 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0008

Loved the beautiful lace navy bridesmaid dresses, and the pops of the golden wheat bouquets. wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0009 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0010wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0082

So stunning Katie! wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0011 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0012 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0013 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0014 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0015 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0016 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0017 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0018

See what I mean – what an amazing place for a outdoor ceremony! wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0019 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0020 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0022 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0023


The sweet prayer that the pastor lead before the ceremony – I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room! wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0024 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0025 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0026

Seeing her man for the first time!
wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0027 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0028wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0035 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0029 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0030wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0032wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0040wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0039 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0031 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0088 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0034wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0036

Pure wedded happiness – dancing down the isle! wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0037 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0038wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0064 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0042wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0046wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0041 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0043 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0044 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0045 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0047 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0048

Katie picked out the perfect place for photos after the ceremony, just a few miles away.
wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0049 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0050 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0051wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0053

wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0083 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0052 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0054 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0055wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0084 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0056 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0057 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0058

And this 100+ year old bridge just happened to be right next to it….ahhh! I was in heaven! wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0059 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0060 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0061

With the help of their friends and family, this shed was transformed into such a great place for a reception!
wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0062wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0063 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0065

And I couldn’t pass up the sunset pics! wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0066 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0067 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0068 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0069 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0070 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0071wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0081wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0072 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0075 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0076 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0077wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0078

Going out with a bang! LOVE sparklers at the end of the night! wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0079wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0074 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0080 wisconsin-backyard-wedding_0087

Thank you two so much for having me document your day! It was amazing.