Kelsey & Travis – Puppy Love Wisconsin Engagement Photographer

I’ve got so many sweet sessions to share on my blog from this past season! Meet Kelsey and Travis and their adorable pup Hayes. I’ve known Kelsey and Travis for many years and it was great to be at their engagement party when they announced that Travis finally popped the big question! The reaction from all of their family and friends was so great and you can tell that they are so loved! And the ring….it’s absolutely gorgeous! These two complement each other so well and are getting married at the wilderness this Spring, and I can’t believe that is only three months away! This “slow season” is flying by way to fast for me!! And any couple that loves their dog as much as I love my pup, Jakey are my kinda people! All the sweet kisses and how Travis carries Hayes around like a little baby, it’s adorable! I’m in love with Kelsey’s sense of style (fashion and design), and when she showed me the mood board for the wedding, ahhh!! It’s going to be so awesome! I am so happy to call these two my friends and soon to be a beautiful bride and groom!
Here are some of my favorite pics from their engagement session in downtown Baraboo this fall:)

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