Brianna and Erickson’s Olbrich Gardens Wedding

I was so happy to photograph Brianna and Erickson’s wedding at the beautiful Olbrich Gardens in Madison, it is such a gorgeous venue. Brianna and Erickson met and fell in love in Korea where they currently live, and returned back to Wisconsin to celebrate with Brianne’s friends and family. You could feel their love every time they looked at each other, and it was so fun to be with them all day.  Brianne is an art teacher and is so talented, her creativity was noticeable in all the details, from the beautiful watercolor invitations to her self designed ring and the bright and beautiful bouquets were done with help from her sister. It was one of the warmest days of the season, so it was great starting outside of the Capital and then being able to go inside to cool off.  These two were so happy and willing to walk around the gardens getting extra photos and I was so glad they did, they were some of my favorites of the year.  I wish these two all the best on their adventures in life, I feel so happy to have met them.
Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0001 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0002 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0003 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0004 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0005 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0006 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0007 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0008

LOVE Brianna’s engagement/wedding ring that she designed! So unique! Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0009 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0010 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0011 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0012 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0013Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0014

So lucky to have this beautiful building here in Wisconsin! Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0015 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0016 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0017 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0018 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0019 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0020 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0021

Watercolor invitations that Brianna designed! Some of my favorite colors! Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0022 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0023 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0024

The ceremony at the beautiful Olbrich Gardens! Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0025 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0026 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0027 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0028 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0029 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0030 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0031 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0032 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0033 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0034 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0035 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0036 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0037

After dinner we were able to explore the grounds and focus on some beautiful portraits of the happy couple! Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0038 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0039 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0040Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0053 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0041 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0042

One of my favorite shots of the day! Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0043 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0044 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0045 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0046 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0047 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0048 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0049 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0050 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0054 Olbrich-gardens-wedding_0052

DJ-Band: Milwaukee Airwaves LLC, Cake: Chris’s Confections, Hair and Make-up: Brideheads-hair, Barb Brekken-make-up, Catering: Blue Plate Catering, Dress: Brides and Bells Reedsburg.