Emily & Andrew – Burlap and Bells Wedding in Black River Falls

This couple, this venue and this entire day were all just amazing. Emily and Andrew are the kind of people that you feel and instant connection with, their sincerity and kindness shine through and I was so honored to document their marriage at the beautiful Burlap and Bells in Black River Falls. They had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony under the tall white pines with the sun shining through and it was like an enchanted fairy tale in the middle of the north woods. Emily looked just stunning in her gown and Andrew couldn’t hold back his tears as she came down the isle, it was so sweet.

The touches of navy, lace and gold lent perfectly to the rustic venue…a little bit of glam, a long cathedral veil, sparkly gold clutches and one good looking wedding party made my job so much fun. It was so great that the bride and groom gave me some time after the ceremony to explore this beautiful property and capture some inspiring portraits of the two of them.

Thank you Emily and Andrew for allowing me to capture your love and I wish you both all the best – now onto the pics! There are a ton…..it was crazy hard to narrow this post down.

tara-draper-burlap-bells_0000 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0001 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0002

tara-draper-burlap-bells_0078tara-draper-burlap-bells_0079Love all of the gold sparkle, navy and lace and her dress….so stunning!

tara-draper-burlap-bells_0005 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0004  tara-draper-burlap-bells_0006 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0007 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0008 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0009 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0010 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0011 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0012 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0013 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0014 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0017

tara-draper-burlap-bells_0015 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0018

tara-draper-burlap-bells_0016 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0019 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0020 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0021 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0022 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0023 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0077I think we were all in tears as she came down the isle….sweetest groom reaction ever! tara-draper-burlap-bells_0025 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0026 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0027 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0028 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0029 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0030 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0031 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0032 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0033 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0034 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0035My amazing second shooter Abby captured this shot – it’s just awesome!
tara-draper-burlap-bells_0037 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0038

Emily, you are absolutely stunning! tara-draper-burlap-bells_0039 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0040 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0041

tara-draper-burlap-bells_0051 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0043tara-draper-burlap-bells_0080Such a great wedding party!! Love how the blue pops out with all of the lush greenery!

tara-draper-burlap-bells_0042 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0044 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0045 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0046One of my all time favorite shots of the day! tara-draper-burlap-bells_0047 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0048 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0049 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0050  And then we stumbled on this awesome vintage truck….love it! tara-draper-burlap-bells_0052 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0053 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0054 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0056Back at the reception tent, there were so many awesome details throughout the entire property, and LOVE the gold clutches for the bridesmaids!

tara-draper-burlap-bells_0058 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0057 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0059 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0060



tara-draper-burlap-bells_0061 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0063 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0064The boys busting out the cigars!! It was quite comical trying to get this shot, lots of laughing and choking going on all at the same time. tara-draper-burlap-bells_0065 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0066 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0067 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0068 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0069 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0070 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0071Twilight is such a magical time to shoot! tara-draper-burlap-bells_0072 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0073Dancing in the moonlight! tara-draper-burlap-bells_0074 tara-draper-burlap-bells_0075

Other awesome vendors who were part of this beautiful day:
Bridal Gown: Sottero & Midgley purchased at Charlotte’s Bridal
Bridesmaid dresses: Vera’s Bridal
Men’s Tuxes: Savvi at Charlotte’s Bridal
D.J.: All Occasions DJ
Violin & Guitar: Ming Huo and Mark Hottg
Flowers: Liberty Floral in Independence, WI
Cupcakes: Dennise Becker
Hair & Makeup: River Haven Salon & Spa and makeup by Carin’s Makeup Artistry
Venue: Burlap and Bells in Black River Falls