Kela – Golden Senior Sunset Session

Kela’s senior session was a dream to photograph. We had a glorious fall day and I loved all of her outfits from the lacy boho cream dress, the bold chunky necklaces and the beautiful autumn colors were the perfect contrast to her sparkly blue eyes. I was so giddy when we pulled up upon a golden wheat field right at sunset, she pulled out her guitar and I felt like I was shooting a country singer’s cover album. Kela’s sister and mom came along and we had such a great time, and they were the perfect helpers holding the reflector to get that perfect shot. Here are some of my faves from the shoot, she sure is a beauty!

Tara-Draper-photography-kela_0020 Tara-Draper-photography-kela_0021 Tara-Draper-photography-kela_0022 Tara-Draper-photography-kela_0023 Tara-Draper-photography-kela_0024 Tara-Draper-photography-kela_0025 Tara-Draper-photography-kela_0026 Tara-Draper-photography-kela_0027 Tara-Draper-photography-kela_0028 Tara-Draper-photography-kela_0029 Tara-Draper-photography-kela_0030 Tara-Draper-photography-kela_0031 Tara-Draper-photography-kela_0032 Tara-Draper-photography-kela_0033 Tara-Draper-photography-kela_0034 Tara-Draper-photography-kela_0035 Tara-Draper-photography-kela_0036 Tara-Draper-photography-kela_0037 Tara-Draper-photography-kela_0038